twodolib - A commandline helper to add tasks to 2DoApp


This package provides the library twodolib and a command line utility task2do to add tasks, projects and checklists to the macOS App 2DoApp from the command line.

Since version 1.5 (Mac) 2Do supports adding tasks by using an URL scheme. For example, if you want to add the task Save the world., you can open the URL:


to add this task to your 2Do App (see:

The task2do command supports creating such URLs from the command line. To print such an URL for a task without adding it, just enter:

task2do "Save the world."

which prints the URL to stdout like this:


If you want to actually add the task to your 2Do App, use the -e or --execute option:

task2do -e "Save the world."
# no output here, but the task should be added into your standard list in 2Do


  • runs with Python 3 (if you need py27 support please use release 0.4.0)
  • Create tasks on the command line and show the corresponding URL scheme, for copy and pasting it.
  • Create tasks on the command line and open the corresponding URL scheme to send it to 2DoApp

See the documentation at


See docs/installation.rst (It’s just pip install twodolib)


  • wheel


  • Free software: ISC license